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We had a custom rig built in a Ferrari F1 theme and it was so worth every penny and worth the wait. It is so much more than a practical rig which has changed the way we enjoy the F1 game (My son (17) my daughter (11) and I (old)) it has also led to lap records and improved performance due to the brilliant design BUT it is also a work of art and a thing on beauty. It feels like I own a real Ferrari!

Our founder

Comicon South Africa Telkom

WR Gaming is a South Africa-based company specializing in unique, custom-build Simulators and Gaming equipment rentals.


At WR Gaming simulators we believe that our simulator business is all about helping brands and upcoming talent in the Motor Sport Industry to use our simulators as experiential marketing tools. We aim to create the ultimate platform for gamers to compete and have a memorable entertainment experience. 

WR Gaming constantly push boundaries in sim rig building and it is a subject we are very passionate about. Similar to leading race car drivers who don’t follow the crowds, instead they show the way.

WR Gaming and its values are based on an infinite gaming mindset, where we constantly innovate new concepts and build new ideas. We strive to keep the customers’ gaming environment to the ultimate scene of their dream world. 

We Dream Reality and Live Simulation.

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